About the Africa Gospel Church

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The Africa Gospel Church in Uganda has its roots in the ministry of World Gospel Mission, a US based mission organization (www.wgm.org).

WGM has had mission work in East Africa from the 1930s, but began working in Uganda in the late 1990s.

Starting from a single congregation in Kampala, the AGC has grown to over 175 congregations, with numerous preaching points and church planting projects in various stages of development.

The Africa Gospel Church was official registered with the Ugandan Government in November 2010 and operates with its own elected church leadership, but still in very close cooperation and partnership with World Gospel Mission.

The Africa Gospel Church (AGC) has a long history that dates back to 1906 with the arrival of the first missionary and the conversion of the first Kenyan in 1908.

The missionary work took form with the secondment of National Holiness Mission Missionaries to Kenya in 1930. In 1950, the National Holiness Mission became World Gospel Mission.

The church was registered in Kenya in August of 1961 as Africa Gospel Church.

It has grown in intervening years to include 1,500 rural congregations and 25 urban churches.

From Kenya, Larry and Joy McPherson migrated to start the first AGC in Uganda.

In 1999, there were two AGC congregations in Uganda. At present, there are more than 175 congregations and more than 140 pastors in the pastoral training program.

There are ministries to children through Sunday schools, Bible Clubs, and Holiday Bible School, to youth through Bible studies, sports ministries, and special youth events and seminars, to women through women's groups, Bible studies and special seminars on marriage and families, to men through Bible studies, men's groups, pastoral training seminars, to university students through Bible studies and discipleship groups, and to congregations through camp meetings and regular church activities as well as special events and crusades.