Leadership Conferences

The Africa Gospel Church firmly believes that strong and growing churches are led by strong and growing leaders.

That's one reason we invest time and funds in developing leaders at all levels in the church.

One way we do that is through leadeship conferences held at varying locations and at varying times throughout the church.

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Evangelism & Church Planting

The Africa Gospel Church has a passion for sharing God's love with people, helping them to experience God's new life in Christ, and to planting new churches to nurture these believers.   The growth of the church from one congregation to 175 has been fueled by our church planters and evangelists.

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Community Health Empowerment

CHE is Community Health Empowerment.   It is a ministry of the church where community members are taught how to live better lives in a wholistic sense through spiritual, health, and development training.

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Pastoral Training

The Africa Gospel Chuch operates a network of over 14 training centers in different parts of the country.

Pastors and pastors in training come to the centers for a few days each month to engage in intensive training for pastoral ministry and leadership for growing churches.

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