Evangelism & Church Planting

The Africa Gospel Church has a passion for sharing God's love with people, helping them to experience God's new life in Christ, and to planting new churches to nurture these believers.   The growth of the church from one congregation to 175 has been fueled by our church planters and evangelists.

A number of methods are utilized for starting new churches.

Sometimes, a group of people from an existing church who live near each other in an area that has potential will form a core group to start a new church.  This group does intentional outreach to their neighbors in their community and the new church forms.

Other times a special evangelistic outreach is done in a new area to launch a new church.  An evangelist may be sent, and door-to-door, open air, crusade, and film evangelism can be used.

Sometimes an AGC member is transferred to a new town or location and helps start a new church in this place.

No matter what the method, our goal is to share the life transforming Gospel wherever we go.