Masese Children's Ministries Keep Growing

ss-masese-children-372When you live in an area with a lot of young familes, there is no stopping the growth of the children's ministries!

Ask Rev. David Dikusooka, Senior Pastor of the AGC in Masese, Jinja. 

They are overflowing with children and have had to train additional children's ministry workers in the church.

"We see it as a change to show love in our community," David says.  "These children are a gift to us from God, so we treat them that way.   And they know when someone really cares for them, or not."

The church does a lot with children.  There are special activitites for them during the week, and when the schools are on a holiday break, things are always happening.

"Our church is right next to a large school, so we can take advantage of their sports field for games.  The kids like that."

david-d-laughing-272One of the challenges, though, is keeping up with where the kids live.

Church members try to follow the kids home to learn where they say, and introduce themselves to the parents.

"The goal is to be a friend to those in the community, and to look for additional ways to show God's love," David comments.  "It's a challenge to me and my assistant pastors to keep up with all that is happening."

"Many of the children come from a difficult home life.  They don't always know how to behave, and often don't know how to play well with other children.  We try to help them with that."

"But, when we have the opportunity to introduce the children and their family to the Lord, and then to work with them over a period of time helping them to learn how to live for Jesus, that reminds us of why it is so important."