AGC Uganda 2011 AGM and Elections Held

The Africa Gospel Church (Uganda) held its first Annual General Meeting since receiving its full registration in Kampala in September 2011.

Here are some of those who were in attendance.

Africa Gospel Church Annual General Meeting 2011

During the meeting, the first election of General Church officials was held (previously they had been appointed).

Rev. Kefa Masiga was elected to be the General Overseer (Bishop) of the church, with Rev. James Ouma elected to serve as the Assistant General Overseer / Bishop.

Rev. Emmy Mugisha was elected to serve as the General Secretary.

Other positions filled included:

  • Education Ministries Coordinator:   Pastor Miria Mukisa
  • Community Health & Development Coordinator:  Mrs. Jennipher Wasirimba
  • National Youth Ministries Coordinator:  Rev. Emmy Mugisha
  • National Training Coordinator:  Rev. James Ouma
  • Treasurer / Bookkeeper:  Mrs. Caroline Ouma

During the meeting, reports from each of the ministry areas were reviewed and discussed, the church's work plan for 2011 - 2015 was approved, and several Constitutional revisions were discussed.